My Day In Wylie TX

Visiting Wylie, Texas was one of my most exciting and greatest times in my life. My family and I decided to Vacation here for a short time. During the short time we vacation, we were able to experience quite a bit in this city. This city has much to offer many people who have never been to the state of Texas. This city is full of beautiful lakes and parks that you can take time to relax in. Some of the locations that we attended were: Lavon Lake, Murphy Central Park and the Founders Park. The weather was perfect and being outdoors was the best thing to do during these summer months we were there.


Another location that we visited was a place called In-Sync Exotics, where they held exotic animals at their location for visitors to see. Some of the exotic animals they had were tigers, lions, black panthers, and mountain lions. There were many other animals that were also brought in that were rescued from the harsh environment of wildlife. My family truly enjoyed attending this popular tourist attraction. If you ever plan on visiting this city, take time to view the Chamber of Commerce website to get more information on the city. You will be able to find out more information on places to go and important events hosted in the city.




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