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When it comes to our homes, birds and other flying pests can definitely become a nuisance. Removing them from your home is important, and often requires the expert services of a professional pest exterminator, as DIY removal can be difficult and dangerous. Particularly with the spraying method there can be complications, as spraying does not deal with all flying pests and inhaling the spray can be harmful to your health.

This is where calling a professionally trained exterminator with the skills and equipment to help remove birds and flying pests efficiently is the right idea. They first need to assess your home, and determine how best to handle the situation. For example, birds like to make their nests in roofs, gutters, and vents of homes. They dig holes in roofs to make their nests.

This can be problematic for your home for many reasons. Birds’ droppings corrode house roofs or any metallic surface. Their droppings also make driveways slippery and ruin the look of your home. The most common types of birds that like nesting on the roof include pigeons, crows, sparrows, and starlings.

Methods of Removing Birds and Flying Pests

  1. Bird Trapping

If the birds are nesting inside your house, the trapping method is the best way to remove them. Pest exterminators will identify areas in your home where the pests are located, and then set traps to catch and eliminate them.

  1. Nest Removal

Damaging or removing bird nests from the roof of your home can drive them away. They won’t return to your place as they won’t have any place to stay. Keep your home from damages and mites that might cause infections.

  1. Bird Exclusion

Bird exclusion is most effective as a method of prevention. Use exclusion methods to prevent the flying pests from nesting, inhabiting, or landing on your roof.

  1. Bird Deterrents

Various deterrents including a shock system, bird netting, and humane bird spikes are used to remove birds from homes.

In addition to the havoc they can wreak on your home, it’s important to remember these pests if left unchecked also pose health risks. Their droppings carry a variety of parasites and some of the diseases they cause include salmonella, E-coli, fungal infections, and even inflammation of the nervous system.

A professional bird and flying pest  removal Wylie TX  can help determine the species of birds, issues they are causing, and the location of their nests for complete removal. Contact us to talk about professional pest extermination in your home.


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