Termite Exterminator – Termite Inspections & Removal

Termites are nasty insects that can sting, bite, and even heavily damage your home. Although the insects are not known to carry diseases, you might develop allergic reactions if your home is infested. These insects are hard to exterminate, unlike other kinds of pests you can handle on your own. If you have termites, you need a termite exterminator’s expert pest control services to drive out the intruders.

Termite Exterminatorf

A termite exterminator’s job is to conduct a termite inspection and, in case of an infestation, termite removal. These insects are hard to detect, and you may unknowingly already be the victim of a massive infestation. These small beasts have been said to be more destructive than fires in infested homes! But don’t worry—you can eliminate them for a reasonable fee.

Pest control service providers attend training and education in termite inspection, termite removal, and termite control. Pest exterminators continually participate in workshops to advance their knowledge. Ask for a technician certification and licenses before hiring an extermination services company.

Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

It takes a keen observer to spot a termite infestation. Watch out for the following signs indicating your home has been invaded:

Visible Mud Tubes – Termites build mud tubes at night to offer protection against hot weather and predators. If you see mud tubes around your home, call a termite exterminator to save your house from the destructive pests.

Swarms of Winged Insects – Termites are small insects with tiny white wings. Have you ever noticed a swarm of such winged insects in or around your home? If so, best to call for a professional inspection service to be sure those aren’t termites.

Presence of Termite Droppings – Drywood termite droppings look like sawdust. Call a pest control company for termite removal services if you notice such droppings on your floor.

Fissures and Cracks on the Wood – Although cracks in wood might not necessarily indicate termite infestation in your home, if you notice them it’s better to hire professionals to do an inspection. Termites are known to eat through wood and paper products, which can result in visible cracks.

Presence of Multiple Holes – Termites drill holes through wood and wooden objects. Get your home inspected for termite infestation if you notice multiple tiny holes along wood structures and wooden fixtures.

Termite Inspection & Removal

Do you suspect termite infestation on your property? Termites can spread all over your home in no time. The destruction they can inflict might cost you a ton to repair. Call a termite exterminator to do a termite inspection before the situation gets out of hand.

Various remedies can help fight termites that have invaded your home. They include:

  • Boric Acid.
  • Cardboard Traps
  • Essential Oils
  • Table Salt
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Orange Oil
  • Electrocution
  • Hot and Cold Treatment

Use a liquid poison treatment to completely eliminate termite infestation on your property. This treatment involves treating both soil and wood around your home. The chemical in the liquid treatment kills the termites and protects your home from re-infestation.

Do you suspect that termites have invaded your home? Hire a professional termite control Wylie TX pest control service provider to get rid of them for good.


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