Mosquito Control Wylie TX

When it comes to keeping your property safe and clear, keeping mosquitoes at bay in your home is an important task. If they invade your property, they can become a real issue. When it comes to residential mosquito control, it’s more about killing just the mosquitoes that land on your body.

Mosquitoes pose serious health risks – aside from being annoying – and can transmit diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Most commonly found in stagnant water, mosquitoes need to be controlled before they ever start attacking you on your property. The most common breeding grounds for mosquitoes are blocked gutters, stagnant water, slow moving rivers, ponds, and lakes.

Methods of Mosquito Control

  1. Source Reduction

Mosquitoes are known to breed in stagnant water. Therefore, source reduction can be accomplished through eliminating standing water around your home. It is an effective and permanent method of controlling mosquitoes without using insecticides.

  1. Bio-control

Bio-control involves the introduction of animals to control mosquito populations in their breeding grounds. Parasites, predators or fish like tilapia and mosquito fish are introduced directly into mosquito breeding grounds to help control them using this method. Soil bacterium and bacillus thuringiensis can also be used to control mosquitoes.

  1. Oil Drip

Another method is using an oil-drip. Oil creates a layer on the water to suffocate mosquito larvae and prevent adult mosquitoes from laying eggs.

  1. Use of Mosquito Traps

Using traps is a more traditional way of controlling mosquitoes. The traps provide artificial breeding grounds for mosquitoes. They contain chemicals that kill the adult and larvae mosquitoes once trapped. Some traps have carbon dioxide as well as attractants like warm, sugary scents and sounds to attract and trap female mosquitoes.

The first step to mosquito control Wylie TX is assessing your yard for areas that are acting as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Calling a pest removal professional is a great way to get the process started.


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